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Family programme


with creative activities for children

family holiday program at a campsite 

in southern Croatia July 1-8 and July 8-15

Read on :)



Activities for children​​​​​​

Windsurfing for adults

Free time between activities

The location of the campsite

Attractions of the area

A few words about us

Price and registration

Don't have any plans for a vacation with your children yet? 

We have a perfect option for you!


I warmly invite you to our camp (100 km south of Split), which I have been running for 10 years.

You will find equipped tents, food, and incredible activities that develop your children's creativity.

This year, together with Lana Bitenc (writer, actress and theater director), I have prepared a special offer for a family vacation with children aged 5-12, and that is in two terms: July 1-8, 2023, and July 8-15, 2023.


organizing accommodation,

cooking, shopping, cleaning

coming up with attractions for children, finding company for children,

finding a moment of peace for yourself.

We will take care of everything!

Read on 😊


We will take the children on an unforgettable journey of creating theater (a world of stories and props made of natural materials). Eco-exciting animations will provide children with great entertainment, develop their creativity, and environmental awareness. We will use sand, shells, leaves, grass.

The creative possibilities in theater and life are endless, thanks to imagination we can color our everyday life, make even seemingly boring moments interesting and exciting.

Lana helps each child individually develop talents and skills they have already discovered or will discover.

Teamwork, fun and smiles are what you can expect from our theater. And at the end of the stay, we will all become spectators in a show in which your child will be the main actor, musician, costume designer, and perhaps even director.

Include your children in our theater animation program and watch them have fun, develop, and learn to protect nature at the same time.


As for you - parents, we will provide you with the opportunity for a real vacation, and since it means something different to everyone, here are a few suggestions:


-relax with a book in a hammock

-go on a bike/stand up paddle trip

-experience the combination of two elements, wind and water, and try windsurfing

-sign up for kiteboarding training at a nearby local school

-go on romantic walks or a date 😉


The rest of the day is free for individual, family plans, integration, further relaxation in our shaded base, relaxing on the sandy beach, or your own trips.


In the camp, we have board games, beach toys for children, access to tennis courts, and a large open space with tatami for training or play.


1 - 8 or 8 - 15 July



You will live in our surf base in southern Croatia. An intimate camp with fully equipped tents in villas ready for occupancy. The base is located between Split and Dubrovnik, opposite the Pelješac peninsula. The place is unusual for several reasons. It is abandoned in the middle of mandarin and orange fields, along a long sandy beach. It is a small tourist place, much different from crowded Croatian resorts.

The tents consist of 2 bedrooms, a hallway, and equipment in the form of foam mattresses, blankets, pillows, racks for things, lighting, electricity...



Homemade dishes, based on local seasonal products.

We start the day with an energetic breakfast, after exercising on the board we will have a nutritious soup, and in accordance with Mediterranean customs we will sit for dinner in the late afternoon. It will be delicious and healthy!


And all this outdoors in a shaded chill-out area...


The dishes will be prepared in a traditional or vegetarian version. In addition, water, coffee and tea will be available between meals.



Children have block teaching twice a day (morning and afternoon), a total of 4 hours per day.

They will have fun with other children. We focus on developing creativity and education through fun and involving the youngest in active learning about themselves and the world around them. We offer theater courses, with a great inclination for the children's own invention.


The beach and nature are, in our opinion, the best source of inspiration and entertainment. Through careful socializing with nature and outdoor fun, we will create a theater in which children can have fun, release creative energy and dare to try new experiences. In short: lots of movement, music, fun, loud laughter, and madness to calm and relax at the end of the day.


"And when the needs of both sides are met, it is time to be together and create shared memories that will stay with us forever!



For those who want it, we offer the possibility of a group windsurfing course.

We offer a package of 7.5 hours of training with experienced instructors (5 days x 1.5 hours). We provide all the necessary equipment on-site, thanks to which windsurfing becomes an easy sport, available to everyone, and above all pleasant! Education can be attended by people who have already had experience with windsurfing, as well as those who are taking their first steps on a windsurfing board.


Children can also enroll in the training. If you are interested in this option, please let us know when booking. Depending on the number of volunteers and the age of the children, we will make small groups or offer individual training.


It really depends on your preferences :) We believe that everyone has their own way of enjoying the best vacation, we will just give you various suggestions that you can use. Beach vacation, diving, exploring the surroundings, a trip to the beautiful Mostar or nearby cliffs, and in the evening relaxing with a guitar or outdoor cinema.

Both we and the hosts of the base are here to help and suggest what else you can do in and around the base.



1 - 8 or 8 - 15 July



Exactly between Split and Durovnik, that is southern Croatia.




Surfflow base, although hidden between mandarin fields and the bay of the Adriatic Sea, is located in the very center of popular attractions of the region. If you are the type who likes to explore, after getting off the board, you can go to places like:


-Trogir (170km from the base)

-Split (140km from the base)

-Omiš (90 km from the base, possibility of rafting)

-Makarska Riviera (many tourist destinations with many attractions, including parasailing...)

-Ston (55 km from the base, has the largest defensive wall in Europe)

-Pelješac peninsula (80 km from the base, Orebić, Korčula island)

-Dubrovnik (100 km from the base)


It is also close to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the following are worth visiting:

Kravice Waterfalls (40km from the base)

Mostar (70 km from the base, a beautiful historic Turkish city)

Medjugorje (40 km from the base)


Beata Delmić and I run Surfflow camping and windsurfing base (for 10 years in the same place). Since childhood, I have been camping with my parents, and the love for this type of vacation has stayed with me my whole life. I chose Croatia as my place of work and life because the climate here provides a much more enjoyable experience of camping, windsurfing, and kiteboarding :)

I love spending time actively, meeting new people, listening, and exchanging experiences.



Lana Bitenc is the artistic director of Don Quixote Theater (www.donhihot.hr) and is also an actress, writer, and director. 3 in 1 like the best coffee. With over 20 years of experience in skillfully leading performances and workshops for children around the world (Croatia and beyond).

what is the price AND HOW TO MAKE BOOKING?


• Price per week

290 euro / person, adults and children over 6 years of age

200 euro / per children under the age of 6

70 euro / per children up to 2 years of age


✔ 7 nights at Surfflow base in tents equipped with mattresses, shelves, and lighting

(ul. Pržinovac 21, 20-345 Opuzen, Croatia)

✔ 3 different meals a day: breakfast, soup, dinner (total of 7 breakfasts, 6 soups, 7 dinners),


Additional options:

150 euro for group windsurfing course, together 7,5 hours (5 days x 1,5 hour)

130 euro for workshops for children aged 5 to 12, 20 hours in total (5 days x 4 hours a day)



*Discount if you sign up for a holiday with more than one child, €25 per child discount





〰 transportation to and from the place of stay

〰 residence tax

〰 travel insurance




To reserve a spot on the trip, write to me: kontakt@surfflow.pl or Beata.blazejowska@gmail.com, call: +385 976266810, or fill out the form below ( if you want, leave me your phone number and I will contact you by phone or e-mail - as you prefer)

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If you like this place or have more questions, please contact us:

Beata Delmic

tel. : PL 0048 661944544 / HR 003856266810

e-mail: kontakt@surfflow.pl  / beata.delmic@gmail.com